LovEvangelist Program

Join our Rewards Program to earn Hearts to become a LovEvangelist.

Program Overview

The Hearts Rewards Program is designed to give our best Evangelists an opportunity to earn discounts, free merchandise, free shipping by watching, sharing or shopping across TLN branded experiences. Sign Up Now.

The Basics

Our program is designed to award its members for:

  • Watching (or reading) our content
  • Sharing our content or products on social, or
  • Shopping on our site or other TLN branded stores.

As members earn “hearts” (reward points), they achieve benefits including discounts to TLN activities, TLN products and more. And the more hearts one earns the opportunity is to “level up” and these benefits accelerate.

Program Levels

Newbie0-1,000 HeartsFree Shipping
LovEvangelist1001-10000 HeartsAll of Newbie plus,
5% Discounts & Special Event Invites
LovBassador10001-100000 HeartsAll of LovEvangelist plus,
10% Discounts, Elite Bespoke Events
LovDignitary100,001+ HeartsAll of LovBassador plus,
Private Events

Special Badges

We also offer a series of special badges awarded to members that have shown leadership in a particular category of Spreading the Love. Special Coupons or Hearts awards are granted for leaders in these areas, as follows:

Badge NameIconDescription
YouTuberLeaders in watching us on YouTube (coming Fall 2020)
SharerLeaders in sharing our content across social media
WatcherLeaders in watching us on Television or through our streaming partners (coming Fall 2020)
ShopperLeaders in shopping throughout TLN Shopping Experiences
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