A New TV Network Focused on
Positive Themed Programming

The networks only mission is to combat divisive content by providing positive content surrounding themes of love that affect family, friendships, and forever.

(New York, NY, 2/14/2020) The Love Network (TLN) today announces its official launch. The Love Network differs from other networks in that it’s a content, commerce and community company whose only mission is to spread the love. In a world of divisive content, the network plans a slate of positive-message original and syndicated “shows” that focus on the many themes of love including family, friendships and a forever mentality.

“One thing that’s been nagging me over the past several years has been the news cycle that focuses on the constant animosity in our world. Yet, there few voices that are actually trying to shift this prominent nature in broadcast and outreach,” says Adam Gelles, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Love Network. “One day, I looked in the mirror and asked myself what can I do to help make a change and I realized that my 25+ years of advertising, marketing and media company experience could be utilized for good and make a long-lasting impact on our world” he continued. And the Love Network concept was born.

The world of content has taken many turns over the last decade. One pinnacle industry trend was the shift to creation of data-and-video-first content companies who began connecting with audiences using shared experiences and e-commerce rather than traditional linear push television. The TV business is moving towards a direct-to-consumer model. Examples of this shift would be Cheddar TV and Complex Networks. The difference in the model is the utilization of data at scale to optimize content development, content distribution, ROI for advertiser clients, and the development of ancillary revenue streams (e.g., e-commerce). According to Luma Partners, in 2019 this category of new media companies amounted to tens of billions dollars of new enterprise value. (Source: Luma Partners, Q4 Market Report)

With that landscape in mind, The Love Network will focus its first full year of operations on developing its own content; syndicate existing content; further develop its e-commerce efforts; and build out its community, as follows:

  • Content: Summer 2020. TLN will launch its first show #LoveStories; a reality show based on real world stories of love. Additionally, TLN will provide a curated movie and TV-shows to fulfill 12 hours a day of content delivered via it’s mobile and OTT apps.
  • Commerce: There are already test stories in rotation in partnership with Zazzle and Society6. TLN will augment its commerce efforts to include its own product line and advertiser supported e-commerce.
  • Community: Fall 2020. The Love Network will launch its #LoveEvangelist Rewards Program that empowers members to #SpreadtheLove. Additionally,TLN will host the first ever #LoveGathering in the United States wrapping in Experiential Marketing trends and outcomes that are underserved within the industry.

“We are excited to see the fruition of so much planning and effort by many who truly want to change the face of media and content that our families and children are intaking and hope that spreading positive content will truly shape the world for generations to come while giving brands the opportunity to focus on the positive rather than what drives us apart” says Adam Gelles. “We look forward to working with existing media to help influence and spread the love with us.”

About The Love Network LLC

Founded in 2019, by Adam Gelles, long-term advertising and media industry expert, The Love Network is a content, commerce and community company whose only mission is to #SpreadtheLove. Their video and data-first approach is part of a new wave of TV companies that will optimize programming, distribution, and advertising based on scaled first-party opted-in consumer data. Unlike traditional networks, TLN focuses solely on positive content surrounding love with family and friends.

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